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The psychopathology of the masses is rooted in the psychology of the individual

C.G. Jung, Essays on Contemporary Events, 1936-46  (via psych-quotes)

Ace Realizations

  • The awesome part about being asexual is?
  • 1. Never worrying about being good at sex, because you're not having any.
  • 2. Never dressing to appeal to the opposite sex, but to yourself.
  • 3. Never having to laugh at every single sexual joke thrown at you.
  • 4. Hanging out with friends and watching movies is more exciting.
  • 5. Being ok with never having sex.
  • 6. Having real mouthgasms while eating delicious cake.
  • 7. Just lying in bed with a cuddle buddy is enough.
  • 9. Always having better things on your mind.
  • 10. Having a better sense of romance because it's not the same thing as sex.

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